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Our Story stars with 16 year old Elena Watkins that lived with her father. For the past sixteen years she's been moving every three months without knowing why. Then one night, on yet another flee, she discovered the reason. Dragons!!!!

Her father died in the event of saving her life and saved by Matt, another dragon and head of the Dragon Registration Council, who also works or the FBI in his human form. She's taken to her father's birthplace Paegeia, which our humans known as the Bermuda Triangle.

She has to adapt to her new world filled with dragons, magic and humans, known as Dragonians. The latter are destined to become dragon riders, something Elena could never become because of her fear of heights and, and, and.... the list is really long.

But she has no choice. She is born with the mark of the riders, and will gain her extra ability that would match one of the ten dragon species soon. Only then will she know what dragon she would end up with.
The ten breeds are broken up into two groups. You have your Metallics which are good and then you have the Chromatics who are predestined for evil.

When the King of Lions sword got stolen, Elena and a group of friends decided to retrieve the formidable artifact, because without it Paegeia is lost. Never in a million years did she thought she would come face to face with the most evil sorcerer Peageia has ever seen, and to fight not just for her, but for all of her new friends and the one place she finally can call home.

The Two Best Friends:

Becky Johnson is a fellow Dragonian in training. She ascends in Firebolt gaining the ability to control and wield Lightning. Her witty and speak your mind type of personality makes her a favorable with the readers.


George Mills is Becky's dragon. These two tookcare of plenty of melodramatic moments, but eventually found one another.

Sammy Leaf is the other bestie and the total opposite of Becky. She is kind and have a soft demeanor. She's also a Fire-tail dragon, which means she has the ability to breath a red flame. But that's not all, she is also the sister of Blake Leaf, the Rubicon Dragon, and with the role she had plenty of responsibilities and fears that if her brother wont get claimed (tame) he would turn evil.

Elena can not imagine coping with Paegeia's reality without these two girls. Becky and Sammy are the friends everyone needs.

The Boy who stole her heart!!!

Lucian Mckenzie is every father's dream boyfriend for their daughter. His gentle, kind and also the crown prince of Tith. The first time he saw Elena, he fell madly in love with her. One of his biggest goals in life is to claim the Rubicon, a dragon one of its kind. It has more than three abilities and the rest are unknown.Will Lucian succeed in fulfilling a promise he made to his best friend a long time ago, or will he fail and leave the Rubicon in peril.

The Dragon.

Blake Leaf is the Rubicon. With more than ten gifts he's extremely hard to claim. Everyone silently wish that Elena will end up claiming him before he turns evil, but will that happen!!!! This bad boy throb would make you want more and more and more.......
His Girl!!!
Tabitha is the type of girl, every girl want to be her and every boy wants to date her. By the side of the Rubicon, she's got nothing to fear, but will she be able to keep his dark side tamed and his temper down.

The Hero

Brain is a Sun-burst dragon. They are veil creatures who has a thing for gold, and virgins. Brian is your typical teenage boy that no Daddy would want them near they little princesses and Brian loves to talk about himself in third person. Yes, Brian loves that so much!!! But when the going gets tough Brian showed everyone he is worthy of being one of the bravest dragons there is.

 Dragonia Academy

Dragonia Academy is the institution that help our fellow young riders and dragons to be the best they can be and work as a team Run my Master Longwei, a Fire-tail dragon of 3000 year odd, they can't go wrong.

The Doctor and Mother Figure

Constance is the doctor of Dragonia Academy and the first person she met when she came to Paegeia. She is a Swallow Annex dragon and has the ability to heal. Elena feels a strong connection with her and later on their bond will become stronger and Constance will turn into the mother figure Elena never had.

Her Assistant:

Julia is a Night Villain Dragon that Constance took under her wing when Julia was just 14. Now, finished with a Nursing degree, she helps Constance running the infirmary.

 The Staff

Sir Edward teaches Mysteries and is Professor Gregory's dragon. Everything in Paegeia that doesn't make sense of how and why, he teaches and explains it in his class room.

Professor Gregory is Sir Edward's Dragon Rider. Being one of the smartest humans alive is not easy. That is why Master Longwei has asked him to lecture Anatomy and teaches the students about their dragons
anatomy and everything they need to know about nature.

Professor Mia teaches how to wield weapons. She is the best at the best and gives her students a hard time
but also teaches them how to be strong and fight like fearless knights. Her class is called ART OF WAR and there isn't a student at Dragonia that doesn't love it. Even Elena.

The Viden is one of Paegeia's most enchanted beings. She's a Moon-bolt dragon that can breathe lightning and can see into the future. She predicts them in the form of riddles and if your riddle, or foretelling as the people of Paegeia calls them, is important to Paegeia's survival it would end up in the Book of Shadows, a magical Book that's linked to the Viden. She's a bit vain though and don't have much time for students who she doesn't think is of value, Elena being one of them. She's sure wrong about that!!!!

The Greatest King That Ever Lived!!!!

King Albert is the one true ruler of Paegeia. His family has run Paegeia since the beginning of time. He died with his wife, Catherine, by the hands of their best friend who turned into the most evil sorcerer alive, Goran.
Our main plot involves Goran trying to destroy the formidable sword, The King of Lion sword, and Elena with a couple of her friends are the only ones brave to stand in his way.

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