Thunderlight, Book 2 of the Dragonian Series Book Tour Sign Up

Hi my fellow Dragon Lovers:

I've got some bad news, but it follows with good news too. Due to unforeseen things I will only publish Thunderlight in December of 2014.
But Frostbite will follow three months later, and Moonbreeze Six months, maybe earlier. So it isn't all bad.

I'm already planning a Pre-Release date Tour for Thunderlight that will take place in August and September as the copies will be available in July.

If there are any bloggers out there that can help out with a spotlight, guest post or a review please let me know.
Just leave your details with me in the comment section and I'll set up a schedule as soon as I have all the dates filled.

Thank you so much and I'm so sorry about the bad news, but as you know life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in our way and then we'll have to make a plan to work around them.

Take care and share the Dragon love.



  1. Count me in!

  2. Thanks Wintry, (Monique) lol. Will send you the details as soon as I have the schedule filled.

  3. I would love to write a review for this book! I read the first and absolutely loved it. I'm in too!

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  5. I loved the first book, I would love to be part of the Blog Tour and write a review for Thunderlight! :)

    Elienora's Kindle

  6. Hi,
    I absolutely loved your book Firebolt and I would be extremely happy to review/spread the word about your new book Thunderlight.
    my blog:
    My email: urbangirlreview (at) yahoo (dot) com


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