Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Torn and Seduce by J.E & M. Keep

Title: Torn and Seduced
Author: J.E. & M. Keep
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Erotic
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: Nov 5 2013
Editions/Formats Available In: eBook
Anjasa has been through the worst parts of hell and come back from it wounded but stronger. A trained assassin and courtesan, she’s seen the worst in others… and herself.
She doesn’t know what she wants, but she knows the things she needs. Companionship. Adventure. Fear. She needs to feel alive.
When she meets the human noble, Loren, in the bar, she figured he’d be good for a night of fun. A place to sleep.
Instead she finds an adventure that she can’t turn away from, even though her instincts warn her of the terrible things to come…

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J.E. & M. Keep love to combine fantasy, scifi, horror, romance and mystery into exciting and titillating novels.
They are long term, loving partners in a very happy relationship and because of this, they love to torture their characters. Dark romance touches all of their stories in one way or another, from elicit trysts to forbidden love.
Some of their work contains dubious consent and erotic pain, so it's not for the faint of heart. Their stories are often called twisted and arousing -- at the same time.
All work is 18+, trigger warnings available on the second page of every book. If you want to hear about new releases, sign up for the newsletter!

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Excerpt 5

The battered man sobbed again, but Zarach snapped an immediate punch into the man’s gullet. Lightning fast, was the only descriptor she had for such a quick move. Mervin didn’t even seem to feel it right away it struck him so fast, though soon after it was withdrawn he vomited onto the floor.
Her nose crinkled in distaste, but her heart pounded. Anjasa was afraid for a moment that it would give her away, that fast little thump thump, thump thump. It terrified her and thrilled her, all at once, and she caught herself thinking back to Loren. To how sweet and dejected he was. How he’d led such a simple, pampered life.
And then there was this man, who was so much more familiar to her. So much more dangerous for her. She knew she should flee, get back to Loren, and tell him whatever he needed to hear for him to pound her hard before she disappeared into the night. Her lips parted and she struggled to suppress a moan.

Anjasa was fucked up. She knew that, and she knew she shouldn’t feel such a heat between her thighs at the scene before her, but she couldn’t help that. She hadn’t been able to help that in a long, long time.

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